About me

My mantra: Be kind and do epic shit. 🀟

I have an unshakeable belief that I'll make life work the way I want it to, with a clear definition of what success is. (Hint: it's not money nor a fancy title.)

Positively impacting every person I come into contact with, makes me happy.

The idea of bringing motivated people together, gets me up in the morning.

It’s my goal to bring energy & clarity to any challenge. ⚑️

I’m an avid traveler, enjoy reading multiple books at a time, and I love cooking delicious food for friends & family. 🌴

The past years I've lived in Belgium, Ireland, Finland and South Africa. In doing so I always try to blend in with the locals, making me The Local Dude.

Whereto next? 🌎

My current focus


What you do, and how you do it, is much more important than how hard you do it.

Digital Strategy

As technology moves at an unparalleled pace, I like cooking up new ideas and business models.


We have one life β€” so focus on developing as many new skills as possible and on applying old ones in new ways.


Happiness isn't something you have or are, but something you can learn and choose to spread.

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